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Operator: Verein Gletscher und Klima, Adolf Pichler Platz 10, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
DEIMS-SDR Database: Kesselwandferner
Contact: Andrea Fischer

Site description

At Kesselwandferner a stake network has been maintained by H. Schneider since 1962. The stakes are re-positioned every year to their original locations, which allows the measurements of the ice velocity and the surface altitude at identical locations. In contrast to other stake networks, which move with the annual ice displacement, this system enables the local investigation of velocity vectors in three dimensions. This time series of more than 40 years with three displacement vectors is unique in Austria. Velocity measurements are coordinated by the Gletscher und Klima association. Ablation and accumulation measured at the stakes were used for the calculation of the mass balance of Kesselwandferner.


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