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Aims and Goals

The research platform Tyrolean Alps represents a natural, cultural and historical unit and thus creates a facility for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research. Through platform activities it will be investigated how ecosystem services can be secured sustainably. The focus of our research lies on the effects of environmental change (e.g. climate change, land use changes) on the ecosystems of the Tyrolean Alps and therefore on the provision of many services. This leads to a strong involvement of the regional population. Knowledge and possible solutions will be elaborated together with and for the region and are thought to be implemented directly.

That means:
-    Data collection of important ecosystem processes
-    Invastigation of functionally and structurally important ecosystem compartments
-    Gaining better understanding of ecosystems and their provision of ecosystem services
-    Enhancing understanding of the complex interactions between man and nature
-    Promote and strengthen inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation
-    Implementation of specific research- and development projects
-    Develop knowledge and possible solutions together with and for the region
-    National and international networking