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Measuring infrastructure at LTER-CWN-sites at a glance

In the framework of LTER-CWN-project a coherent network of similar equipped measurement sites will be established. The six sites contain the characteristic ecosystems of Austria.

Eddy Covariance-Towers for determining ecosystem fluxes of carbon dioxide and water vapour:

Automatic chambers for measuring greenhouse gas fluxes from soil:

Microclimate stations for gathering near-surface climate data:

Sap flow measuring systems for determining of stand transpiration:

High-resolution dendrometers for detection of drought stress and radial growth of trees:

Pore water samplers for determining the concentration of dissolved nitrogen and carbon in soil water:

Water level measurement systems for studying runoff in catchment area:

Multiparameter sensors for high-resolution measurements of nitrate and carbon runoff in catchment area:


of the LTER-CWN project

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