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Austrian LTER sites and LTSER platforms

LTER-Austria involves 38 LTER Sites and LTSER Platforms. According to the classification of LTER-Europe, the LTER Sites are subdivided into

LTER Master Sites: 3
Regular LTER Sites: 15
Extensive/Emerging Sites: 20

Of particular importance are the two LTSER Platforms in the regions of “Tyrolean Alps” and “Eisenwurzen” as focal areas for LTSER in Austria – the former including 10 sites, the latter including 11 sites. A further recommended platform in the Pannonian region of eastern Austria has been included in the preparatory planning of the revised management plan for the biosphere reserve, and most recently was registered as the “emerging LTSER Platform Neusiedler See-Seewinkel”. The complex “Mondsee” site has also acquired some of the aspects of an LTSER Platform in recent years.

- Map of Austrian LTER Sites and LTSER Platforms
- German description of Austrian LTER Sites and LTSER Platform

The accumulated infrastructure value of the network is calculated to be c. 7 - 15 Mio EUR. Austrian was one of the first countries in Europe to launch an initiative towards integrating existing in-situ infrastructures by bringing together suitable sites of ICP Integrated Monitoring, ICP Forest, ICP Waters, EMEP, etc.

LTER sites associated with LTSER platforms

other LTER sites

ICP Forest Jochberg
ICP Forest Klausen Leopoldsdorf
ICP Forest Mondsee
ICP Forest Murau
ICP Forest Mürzzuschlag
ICP Forest Unterpullendorf
LTSER Plattform Neusiedler See – Seewinkel (NSS)
Lysimeter Station AGES
Rosalia Lehrforst