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Demonstration Forest Rosalia

lowland beech forest on crystalline bedrock

The demonstration forest is located on the Lower Austrian slopes of the Rosalia Mountains in the district of Wiener Neustadt, and covers an area of 930 hectares. The most important tree species are spruce (41 % of the area) and beech (36 %), which also occur in various stand mixture types. The potential natural forest communities, based on the soil and climate conditions, are especially beech forest communities (Luzolo-Fagetum and Asperulo-Fagetum). The forest’s altitude varies between 275 and 725 metres above sea level. Crystalline rocks prevail in the region.

Eddy Covariance-Tower (35 m) for determining carbon dioxide and water exchange
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Available infrastructure:

  • Fully automatic measuring chambers for studying the soil-atmosphere-exchange of carbon dioxide, nitrious oxide and methane in a beech forest within in the framework of a drought-heavy rainfall-simulation
  • Meteorological station
  • Input and outflow measurements for mass balances (rain collector, stem flow collector, pore water sampler lysimeter)
  • Measuring weir and hydrological measuring network in 2 catchment areas
  • Eddy Covariance-Tower (35 m) for determining ecosystem fluxes of carbon dioxide and water vapour


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