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montane spruce/beech forest in a Limestone Alps Catchment

The Zöbelboden is located in the Kalkalpen National Park, in the Limestone Alps in Upper Austria. It covers an area of 90 hectares and is located on an altitude of 500 to 950 metres above sea level. It is covered by a montane forest composed of spruce, fir and beech, typical for the Northern Limestone Alps.

With its research and monitoring programme that has been running for 25 years, LTER Zöbelboden is one of the best-researched karst areas in Europe.

Multiparametersonden messen Nitrat und Kohlenstoff im Gebietsabfluss

Multiparameter sensors are measuring nitrate and carbon in catchment area
(© Environment Agency Austria, Joe Bogner)

Available infrastructure:

  • Meteorological and air pollution monitoring in different types pf forests
  • Permanent observation of catchment runoff/chemistry
  • Eddy Covariance-Tower for determining ecosystem fluxes of carbon dioxide and water vapour
  • Fully automatic measuring chambers for measuring carbon dioxide release and -storage
  • Sap flow measuring system for determining of stand transpiration
  • Automatical stem diameter monitoring for detection of drought stress
  • High-resolution measuring of nitrate and carbon runoff in catchment area


of the LTER-CWN project

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