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lowland beech forest on flysch/sandstone

The 70-year-old beech forest (Hordelymo-Fagetum) is located near the Lower Austrian town of Klausen-Leopoldsdorf, 510 metres above sea level, in the Vienna Woods in Lower Austria. The soil type is a rocky brown earth on flysch/sandstone.

The site Klausen-Leopoldsdorf is one of the intensive monitoring areas (Level II areas) of the Europe-wide programme on forest monitoring (ICP Forests). Since 1995, it has been providing high-quality data on the vitality and adaptability of trees, nutrient cycles, critical loads and water balance. Based on these data, scientists can draw conclusions about climate change, air pollution, biodiversity and forest condition. In addition, these investigations by the Level II network offer a high quality data source for the assessment of the environmental situation and forest development on a European level. An additional benefit of Level II is that it provides fundamental insights that go beyond the actual monitoring objective, such as insights about forest treatment, timber supply and renewable energy.

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Dendrometer for measuring circumference variation and increment of trees.
(© Austrian Research Centre for Forests)

Available infrastructure:

  • Fully automatic measuring chambers for soil carbon dioxide fluxes
  • Automatized water gauge network for measuring water level in catchment area consisting of 3 divers for measuring water level, temperature and electrical conductivity and 8 divers for water level gauge
  • Sap flow measuring system consisting of 10 sap flow sensors and dendrometer each
  • Soil moisture sensors in 3 soil profiles
  • Soil temperature sensors in 6 soil depths
  • Pore water samplers in 3 soil depths
  • Dendrometer for measuring circumference variation and increment of trees
  • Meteorological stations (open land, stand)
  • Throughfall and wet deposition collectors
  • Litter collectors
  • Stem flow collectors
  • Permanent power supply


of the LTER-CWN project

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